Benefits & Features

FlagMapper benefits three sets of users:

Program Administrators

who need to manage their subscriber’s locations and make sure that pickups and deliveries are completed properly


who want to register and pay for the program online


who make the pickups and deliveries along their designated routes

Enjoy the Many Features of FlagMapper

Maintain list of locations online

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and word documents and worrying if your lists are out of date. Keep all your subscriber info online and accessible whenever you need it. You control which users can access your information and how much they see.

Mobile friendly design

Mobile friendly

As you should expect in 2024, FlagMapper is designed to work equally well on laptops and mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

Powerful mapping tool to manage your program

Powered by Google Maps, our interactive Flag Map will let you manage your subscribers from a 10,000 foot view or just one house at a time. Track the progress of your pickups and deliveries with a quick glance and spot any issues that arise.

Separate subscribers into smaller routes

Split your houses into different routes that can be assigned to different drivers (or a driver can have multiple routes). For flag programs, the routes are usually based on neighborhoods but you can choose whatever works best for you.

Tapping on flag reveals delivery details

When viewing a route, tapping or clicking on a flag icon creates a pop-up window that displays the location’s address, the name of the subscriber, and the route name. You can also set special instructions for the driver to follow.

Track progress as drivers make their deliveries

As drivers make their rounds, they can mark their flags as complete once the delivery is done. The flag will be marked with a checkmark so everyone knows it’s done. Admins can open the Flag Map and track progress in real-time.

Drivers can leave comments about delivery issues

If a driver stumbles onto an issue while making their stops, they can quickly add a comment to the house and continue with their route. Houses with comments get a special speech bubble icon to grab your attention and help you address the problem quickly.

GPS coordinates may be used for extra precision

Given a location’s street address, the mapping software draws the flag icon somewhere within the property limits for that address. If this isn't accurate enough, you can always move the pin to the exact location needed by the drivers.

This capability can also come in handy if you need to precisely indicate delivery points within a large commercial property. This animation shows 22 flags around the parking lot of an assisted living facility.

Signup online

Subscribers can sign-up and pay online

Create a registration form that allows the public to sign up for your service or receive your product. You can gather any information you wish in the form, then charge a one-time fee or setup a recurring subscription.

Not available in the Beta release of FlagMapper.

Reminder emails

Automatic reminder emails to subscribers

If your service involves locations that sign up for renewable periods, FlagMapper will remember when that location’s subscription period ends and automatically send renewal emails.

Not available in the Beta release of FlagMapper.

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