Tree Recycling Pickup Form

Benicia's Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Crew recycle Christmas trees as a community service and fundraiser. This project is run in full cooperation with the City of Benicia and Allied Waste. The trees are chipped, and used for ground cover on City properties. Please take advantage of our convenient service.
You can drop off your tree   - OR -    You can register for us to pick up your tree at your home or business.
Register for pick-up by:
1) Filling out the online registration form down below or
2) Print and mail in our donation form or 
3) Calling the tree recycle hotline (707) 551-4520.

Tree Recycling dates are:

Drop-off locations are:

  • Saturday, December 28th
  • Sunday, December 29th
  • Saturday, January 4th
  • Sunday, January 5th
  • Saturday, January 11th
  • Hours of Operation: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Benicia Community Park (behind Matthew Turner School)
  • First Baptist Church (on Southampton Road)
  • Please no trees dropped off after 3:30pm

Flocked Trees Are Accepted


Please have your tree outside by 8:30 am
Note: Scouts may not enter your home

(This helps us focus our advertising budget)
My check will be attached to the tree
Please come to my door
I will mail a check
Check will be in the mailbox
Check will be under the doormat

$ Suggested donation is $11

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If mailing a check, please send it to:
Christmas Tree Recycling
PO Box 485
Benicia, CA 94510