How the Program Works

Sign up at any time during the year. Your subscription will continue for a year and you'll receive flags on each of the next five holidays.
When you first subscribe to our program, the Richardson Rotary Club will come to your location and install a PVC sleeve with a cap in your parkway (the grassy area between the curb and sidewalk). The only thing visible will be the white 1" circular cap. A 3" round marker will be glued to your curb to indicate the sleeve location.
Before each of our holidays, a scout will come to your location, remove the PVC cap and install an American flag into the sleeve. After the holiday, scouts will return to your location, pick up the flag and replace the cap on the sleeve.

Please help the scouts by keeping the grass trimmed around the PVC cap so it can easily be found.  If the cap is covered with grass, tree trimmings, etc. and the scouts cannot find it, it could delay the installation of your flag.
As a general rule, we put flags out on the Saturday before a holiday and pick it up the following Saturday, so the flag is out for one week. If the holiday is on a weekend, then the Saturday before to Saturday after means the flag will be out for two weeks. The Labor Day flag will be left out through 9/11.